Over the years I have build up experience with managing complex projects. These projects consisted of working with external suppliers, managing stakeholder expectations and guarding the budget and expectations of the stakeholders. I am familiar with several approaches and can manage projects using traditional waterfall approach as well as using agile approaches like Scrum.

As a projectmanager I am able to think, design and challenge technical solutions. Assuring that the client will receive a solution which fits the requirements and is delivered within budget. Using my technical background gives me the advantage to collaborate with technical teams in terms of modern technologies and products while keeping the business goals clearly targeted from a project perspective.




DeliveringBusiness Value 


  • Project Management Methods. I have experience with several methods and an extensive range of best practices. Depending on your project and organization I am able to fine tune the process that fits best to your solution. Although there is never a silver bullet approach I can help you determine the benefits of using Scrum, Waterfall or perhaps an hybrid approach where elements are mixed. This is really depending on how the solution needs to be delivered, budget, time to market, timeframes and requirements.
  • Quality Assurance. To measure and guarantee the quality I can apply several methods which inject quality controls into the process. The controls vary from test driven development, using a v-model for testing, automated test suites and continuous integration. All in all this well increase the quality and improve the delivery time as less retention issues will come up and the team can focus on delivering new items.
  • Requirements Management. Gathering, capturing and measuring requirements is a true art. Often this is one of the most complex areas to manage in a project. Different approaches can be taken and these vary from traditional documentation towards the more less formal user stories. Which fits best is often a choice of the customer, both have their pros and cons. I established myself in a time where use-cases where the common way to go. Currently the more modern approaches apply the user story templates. I do not favor one over the other and experience has learned that determining which fits best is often done together with the client.
  • Technical Delivery. The delivery of your solution will require a solid technical team. As I have been and still am parts of these teams I know very well how technical experts work and think. Motivating them and keeping them sharp and challenged will improve your velocity in delivering the solution which is required. As the team is the engine for delivery it plays a crucial role, however the other elements will need to be balanced out to make it a streamlined production line for realizing your benefits and business goals. I have worked with different team structures varying from offshore, to large onsite team(s) to small development groups.


Project management is the management and directing of different skill areas like delivery, budget, requirements, technology, quality and user experience and making sure that all these areas all managed into one common delivery goal.