When I talk about Digital Solutions it encompasses many things. It can range from extending your business to use social platforms, to enabling your staff with new communication channels maybe even to provide your customers to buy new products through new devices that are just being introduced to name a few. The things we now see on the horizon maybe old or forgotten in a few years but I feel that it is imperative for companies to explore them to upkeep the competitive edge or to win ground.

Mobile Solutions paved the way for the Digital era that we are now in. However it goes beyond that. When thinking about Digital Solutions it also takes into regards big data, cloud computing, internet of things and how we people need to be connected and updated wherever we are. It it about doing our daily routines in new more efficient ways and doing them more personalized than we ever imagined them to do. Think about how we gather information these days compared to 10 years ago!

The era where Digital technologies and services have become dominant started a couple of years ago. It changed the lives of many people; this because of the introduction of smart phones, tablets and connected devices. I think that people could not even image what it would be like to not have these devices around as they have become part of their daily routines. This is really the most interesting and exciting part of what the Digital revolution has achieved so far. I am convinced that this is only the beginning and that our lives will be changing a lot more over the coming years in a much higher speed than we could anticipate. Business models will evolve and change drastically. Traditional organizations will fall and be replaced by other companies who embraced digital strategies.

Concept development. Coming from a tech savvy developer background I know what it takes to develop Digital Solutions as well as what is needed to embrace the technologies or products that dominate this area. Besides my freelance opportunities I am also active within Fourtude. Fourtude is an independent organization which specializes itself in Digital Innovative solutions. We are currently developing a new concept (Grabbler) on how we can expose trending world news to users on mobile devices. For this we have developed a solution which is capable of doing real-time analysis on any given internet source and can automatically determine its relevance. For more information visit Fourtude.



Digital Consulting

  • Digital Strategy is a key item to establish when venturing into this path. I can help organizations with determining the strategy and identify the path and roadmap which fits the long term goals of an organization.The strategy can vary in scope depending on the kind of organization, domains that they operate within and technologies they want to embrace. This is all leading in framing the strategy, requirements and determining priorities on implementation within the enterprise as well as taking the existing landscape into consideration.
  • Architecture provides the foundation on which the digital solution can be implemented. How can it be integrated and in the current landscape. Respecting time to market and the traditional channels that an organization uses. Often the Digital channel in existing enterprises is an additional branch on its operating model. Determing the weight of the digital solutions compared to the traditional business channels is imperative in realizing the goals and expectations that the enterprise has.

The widespread use and interconnectedness of mobile networked devices and mobile telephony, internet websites and resources, and social networking have become a de facto standard in digital communication. By 2012, over 2 billion people used the Internet, twice the number using it in 2007. Cloud computing had entered the mainstream by the early 2010s. By 2015, tablet computers and smartphones are expected to exceed personal computers in Internet usage. Source WikiPedia