October 1, 2015

Characteristics of Microservices

Can we see Microservices really as the new SOA? Might it be the replacement of SOA? I am sure that both statements are not correct. Microservices specialize the SOA paradigm and should be well considered as any other architectural pattern. In the first of a series of articles I want to explore this and establish

September 3, 2015

Mobile development frameworks

Development frameworks and the architecture play a key role for making the app successful. Where in the past the user would judge an App based on its functionality we now see that the experience delivered by the App could make or break its success. Currently we see that the majority of users stills give preference

June 24, 2014

Balloon power Internet for the masses

Currently there are only 2.7 billion people connected to the Internet. This covers most of the rural and developed areas on the globe leaving out a vast majority of people. While Internet is one of the main drivers which influences our day-to-day lives it does not reach everyone and this is exactly what organizations like