Working as a freelance technology consultant specialized in digital and internet solutions. With a vast experience counting over 20 years of IT knowledge I can say that I have a broad scope of skills acquired. I have always been working in technical IT roles. Starting as a developer and grown towards a solution architect and project manager. However I am still very fond of creating and developing solutions myself. I think this is essential to keep my knowledge up to date and to know which technologies can best be applied at customers.

Working on solutions at clients has always fitted me best. Helping clients determine how the solution can be realized, taking existing situations carefully into consideration as well as investment, technology risks and learning curves for adopting new approaches.

  • Technology: Delivery of technical IT consulting in the area of Internet, Web, Digital, Mobile and Back-end solutions. Specialized in developed of custom solutions or integration between new or existing systems. Through the many years of experience in development using various languages, solutions and platforms I can help establish balanced state of the art technical solutions which deliver business value.
  • Expertise: Although my specialism lies in the field of custom development of software solutions I can also play key roles in other IT areas. In the past I have performed roles like trainer, coach, business process designer, project manager and generic strategy consultancy.




Technology Consulting


Howcan I help?

Always eager to determine how I can help you with your IT challenges. Although my key skills are described below please do not hesitate to contact me also for other matters you might have.




Characteristics of Microservices

Characteristics of Microservices

October 1, 2015

Can we see Microservices really as the new SOA? Might it be the replacement of SOA? I am sure that both statements are not correct. Microservices specialize the SOA paradigm and should be well considered as any other architectural pattern. In the first of a series of articles I want to explore this and establish